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Shirin Neshat's major retrospective at The Broad Art Museum in Los Angeles, “I Will Greet the Sun Again” features numerous large-scale photographs by Larry Barns, who has worked with Shirin for more than 20 years. 


"Neshat’s 2001 collaboration with composer Philip Glass, Passage, will act as a pivot in the exhibition from Neshat’s early, personal work made specifically about living outside of Iran during some of the most turbulent times in the country’s history to new bodies of work which reflect universally on seismic global political events such as 9/11, the Arab Spring, and the current xenophobia in the United States over immigration." — From

All still photographs in Passage were shot by Larry Barns. 

The exhibit is on view from October 19, 2019 - February 16, 2020. Tickets are free. 

The exhibit catalog is available from Amazon HERE.

Click HERE for tickets, and click HERE to contact Larry.

A major exhibit of photographs taken by

Larry Barns for Shirin Neshat was featured at the Smithsonian's Hirschhorn Museum in Washington DC for four months in 2015.

For more information, click here.


Larry undertook a years-long project spurred by the discovery of a cache of notes passed among classmates in his hometown of Lexington, Virginia. The result is a fascinating trip through time called "love notes."

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